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  • One of the best Swedish rock songs from the 60s. As history would show, this band was too far ahead of its time. I admit, listening to it makes my eyes wet.
  • Shame that this group was crowded out of the Anglo-American market, possibly by the Dutch invasion ca. 1969. Their last 2 albums as the Tages also seem very strong.
  • This was a pleasant surprise. The band sounds like they really were ahead of their time, especially the 6 White Horses.
  • Very interesting sound from a kool band I had never heard before. I'll look for more of their music now.
  • "Sun In Her Hand" is amazing tune, I keep listening it whole time. Other two are good too, but this one is masterpiece, from hazy dreamy keyboards intro, and then chorus with beautiful flow and groove...and lyrics are awesome too :) Thanks for this! Peace!
  • This is really good ! Ahead of times? Really!
  • I will have to try and track down this record. Quite interesting, and the band certainly sounds capable of diversity. Gotta dig that funky rhytm on Pick up the Bus.
  • I used to see this album in the 99 cent bin a long time ago...wish I would have picked it up now.
  • i just found this lp recently, still sealed. great one, thinking of posting it at my blog. great taste !
  • Och från Sverige
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