BLOND the lilac years


We are many of today´s generation of broken dreams oh Harlem´s pain at break of day of high and low removed we say from quick reality that comes and goes as harsch black snow eddies the concrete jungle and fades away

We are many who stride the sunlit coast of shimmering sands of BLOND of celluloid fairylands blanketed in swirling mists and pierced by sighing thighs heaving broken promises of lost tomorrow

We are many who stuffed with useless information whilst meditating fornication wonder why the sirens wall with mass destruction resurrecting crucifixion and raising up an age old question did Christ die to save as all? Our gentle willow weeps as snowflakes fall fall we with said despair of lost tomorrow 

The Lilac Years (de sålde sina hemman)

The Lilac Years, kort version, I wake Up And Call, Blond Six White Horses, Blond I Pick Up The Bus,

Blond (I Will Bring You) Flowers In The Morning, (I will bring you) flowers in the morning, kort version




Tacksamt motses allt som kan göra denna sida bättre!

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